Time To GLOW

When you feel healthy and look good you are more confident. You can handle all the things that you find on your to-do-list with ease; you can handle the world.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you in our first GLOW salon in the heart of Florida North.


GLOW specialists

Our GLOW specialists are dedicated to make you feel fantastic. We offer you a unique hair, beauty and soul enriching experience in a relaxed space. It’s an experience that is designed for you with the sole purpose to make you glow.

What makes us GLOW?

  • We are passionate about making you glow
  • We love to find the strength in every individual
  • We are an awesome team of qualified specialists
  • We offer special packages to groups with shared needs
  • We love the journey from here to glow

Who is GLOW?

When GLOW founder Kelly Adams personally discovered the strength of glowing from the inside out, she committed herself to make others around her glow. Simply because when we all feel fantastic we can realise great things, as individuals and together.

In less than one year after offering the first ad-hoc health & beauty services, the first GLOW salon was born. With a team of passionate and dedicated specialists we now can make more people glow.

With ongoing research and training, GLOW aims to always offer the best. So that we make sure that you’ll always feel special.

Our Dream

Our dream is to have a world in which everybody feels confident. And that's why we are here:

to make people